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Frequently asked questions

Your initial quote is estimated based on location, property details, services selected and industry data. We then aim to keep the monthly amount the same unless there has been a significant overuse or underuse of the monthly bills we receive for the services you have selected.

Monthly payments are taken on the 1st of each month. Your first payment will be dependent on the date you sign up. There are two scenarios: If you sign up before your tenancy start date then your first payment will be on the first day of your tenancy. If you sign up after your tenancy has started, you will pay for the days remaining for that month on a pro-rata rate.

A smart meter provides you with live consumption information and eliminates estimated bills. You can track your energy usage easily and accurately, giving you a better understanding of your bills and reducing your environmental impact. Our supplier will install a smart meter for free during your tenancy, and it will automatically send readings so you won’t have to worry about submitting them.

Water is supplied on a national grid which is divided into regional companies. It therefore depends on where your house is. We arrange for your water account to be set up and ensure that you are only paying for the water that you use. We estimate your bill before you sign, so you know what to expect.

Once you have agreed to your package, you will enter in your card details which will allow us to set up your subscriptions. You will be charged monthly using these details however you can process payments manually anytime by visiting your customer portal. Please ensure that you keep your card details up-to-date within the portal to avoid late payment charges.

Energy switching is the process of changing your energy supplier to Bunch’s chosen provider from the current energy provider. This process happens behind the scenes, and your energy continues to flow seamlessly. You won’t need to do anything, unless your previous supplier objects. In this case, we will contact you and help you deal with any issues, which are usually related to unpaid bills on the old account.

Bunch Broadband provides instant 4/5G connectivity with a 48-hour set-up time, 24/7 UK support, premium connection with no sharing of bandwidth up to 1GBPS, zero dropout due to back-up 4/5G connectivity if broadband lines fail, and WiFi 6 Router Technology with the largest range of signal.

Once everybody in the property has signed up we are able to order your broadband and other services. Install times are just 48 hours for Bunch Performance Broadband.