Complaints Policy

1. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to establish a clear and transparent process for handling complaints from customers regarding our energy services. This policy aims to resolve complaints in a timely and fair manner, ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining the reputation of Bunch as a reliable energy provider.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all customers of Bunch who wish to make a complaint regarding our services.

3. Definition of a Complaint

A complaint is defined as an expression of dissatisfaction by a customer related to our energy services or the manner in which they have been provided.

4. Complaints Handling Process

4.1 Submission of Complaints:

Customers can submit complaints through the following channels:

  • Customer Support Phone Line on 0333 358 3377
  • Email the team on [email protected]
  • Contact the team via our live chat on your customer portal or our website

4.2 Acknowledgment of Complaints:

Upon receiving a complaint, Bunch will acknowledge the complaint within 3 working days and contact you via your chosen contact method.

4.3 Investigation and Resolution:

Our dedicated customer support team will thoroughly investigate the complaint and aim to provide a resolution within 5 business days. In cases where more time is needed, the customer will be informed of the delay along with an estimated resolution timeline.

4.4 Communication of Resolution:

Once the investigation is complete, Bunch will communicate the resolution to the customer through their preferred contact method. If the resolution is not satisfactory, customers will be informed of their right to escalate the complaint.

5. Escalation Procedure

If the customer is not satisfied with the resolution provided, they may escalate the complaint. This escalation will then be referred to management within Bunch.

  • Steps for this escalation will be:
    If a customer is unhappy with the resolution from our Customer Support team, this will be escalated to our dedicated complaints team. They aim to resolve this complaint within 5 business days.
  • If still no resolution then this will be escalated to the management team in Bunch at this stage we aim to resolve this within 8 weeks and will keep in contact during this time to update you on the progress and status of your complaint.

6. External Escalation

If the complaint remains unresolved after following the internal escalation procedure, the customer has the right to escalate the complaint to relevant external parties including the direct supplier of your services, ombudsman and relevant mediating services. At this point a deadlock letter will be issued.

7. Continuous Improvement

Bunch is committed to learning from customer feedback and using complaints as an opportunity for continuous improvement. Trends and patterns identified through the complaints process will be analysed to implement preventive measures and enhance our services.

8. Review and Update

This policy will be reviewed regularly to ensure its effectiveness and relevance. Any necessary updates will be made to reflect changes in procedures or regulations.

Bunch Contact Information:

Customer Service Hotline: 0333 358 3377
Email: [email protected]

Office Address:
77 Stokes Croft

Date of Policy Implementation: 22/02/2024
By implementing and following this complaints policy, Bunch aims to foster customer satisfaction and maintain a positive relationship with its customer base.