Student bills made easy.

Gas. Electricity. Water. Broadband.
One monthly bill. Split equally.

Join more than 25,000 happy customers.


As a student I was so scared setting up my bills but thanks to Jim I feel confident. Thank you Jim and thank you Bunch.


Bunch have been very efficient and reliable with bills and supplies in my final year of uni renting. They are very cost effective and all in all allow me to focus on final year rather than the bills!


Bunch have been really helpful when setting up bills, which can be a scary thing for university students. It made it a smooth process and they have provided us with all the bills we need without the hassle.


Makes our bills hassle-free as we don’t have to worry about one person being responsible for all of them. Staff are very friendly on the phone and usually quite helpful.

Helping students achieve financial security and independence. Bunch.


No more chasing housemates for money and spreadsheet calculations. You pay your share, the same amount on the same day every month and we’ll take care of the rest.


We have the market leading super-fast Broadband with back up 5G connectivity, so you’ll never drop out. Plus we’ll set it up within 48 hours of you signing up, so it’s ready for when you walk in the door.


You’re only liable for your payments. If your housemate misses a payment, it’s not your problem, we’ll handle it and you won’t be left footing the bill.

The Bonus Bunch

Earn money of your bills and more exciting perks with our rewards programme.

How it works.

1. Your services

Personalise your package. Choose from Gas, Electricity, Water and Broadband and get a free quote instantly.

2. Split the bills

If you want to split the bills, we’ll send unique links to each of your housemates to add them to the account

3. Set up

Once everyone has signed up to the account, we’ll set up all your services and confirm your first payment date.

4. Payments

We’ll take the same payment from your chosen debit card on the same day every month, so you know what to expect

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