How To Make Your Student House a Home

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by Becky Firth (HYBR’s Editor-In-Chief)

University can feel like a huge step up from college and high school. Living away from home for the first time can feel especially daunting. It’s essential that you personalise your university accommodation to truly make it your own. There’s a lot to think about – from bringing the kitchen essentials to packing your best outfits for fresher’s week, decorations can feel like an afterthought. 

Where do you even start?

No need to worry. We’ve gathered some of our best tips for making your student house feel like a home away from home – so you can get settled into your new student life as quickly and easily as possible. Let’s break it down. 

Decoration is key

The key to making your student home feel as comfortable and homely as possible is decoration. Start with the basics. Go on a shopping trip beforehand and pick out some new bedding and cushions to bring a cosy feel to your new room. 

If you’re looking for some extra pizazz, investing in houseplants is always a good call. In fact, some studies have shown that house plants can improve your general mood and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. What’s not to love?

plants on top of a drawer | Article "How To Make Your Student House a Home"

Don’t be afraid to get creative with the lighting! You don’t have to stick with your standard lamp and overhead lights. Bring your own candles (though be sure to blow them out before bed) or alternati vely, salt lamps or fairy lights, for a warm and welcoming look. This is your space now… make it your own. 

Bed with a teddy at night | Article "How To university accommodation feel like home"

Add little touches of YOU

Don’t forget, this is your bedroom for the rest of the year. It’s where you’re likely to spend a lot of time sleeping, relaxing and studying. Customise it until you’re truly happy with it and comfortable with the idea of spending so much time there.  

Bring photos from home of your friends and family. You can use blue-tac, or frame and hang them on your wall. Surrounding yourself with little reminders of home will help you adjust to your new life and settle in. 

Pictures on a bed | Article "university accommodation feels like home"

Bring your favourite posters, ornaments, games and instruments – anything from your old bedroom that brings you joy. Plus, it’s an easy talking point and a great way to find common interests with your flatmates. 

Get social

You’ll be sharing your new student home with your flatmates – if you don’t know them already, although it can be nerve-wracking, be sure to introduce yourself as you’re moving in. Remember, everybody’s in the same boat. It’s likely they’ll be nervous and be as eager to make friends as you are. Investing in a doorstop is one way to subtly let your flatmates know they’re welcome to stop by your room for a chat. 

Another way to make your student house feel more homely is to arrange social events with your flatmates – meals, movie nights, nights out, day trips to your local town… the possibilities are endless. The more you get to know your university family, the more at home you’ll feel. Make some memories and take pictures together – be sure to stick them on your wall or the fridge. You can invite your friends and family from home to visit too. 

Those are our top tips for making your student house feel like a home away from home. For anyone starting university in 2021, we wish you the best of luck! We hope you have a wonderful university experience and make some amazing memories.

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