Energy Switch Information

At The Bunch we always want you to get the most value out of the services we provide. One way we ensure this happens is by switching you to our energy supplier.

What does switching energy supplier mean?

Most energy in the UK is generated at large power stations which connect to the national transmission network. The energy suppliers will buy the energy at wholesale prices and sell it on to customers like you. It’s all the same energy, all from the same place originally. Essentially, what this means is, you’re still getting the same energy, from the same source. It’s just a different organisation charging you at a cheaper price.

A common worry is that whilst we are in the process of switching your energy supplier, you will lose your supply of Gas and Electricity… but this is definitely not the case. Your supply will not be disrupted, meaning you can carry on as normal whilst the switch is happening. Hot baths and Netflix marathons are still on the cards!

Why do we want to switch your current energy supplier? 

We have partnerships with certain energy suppliers meaning that we are able to secure a cheaper rate than your current suppliers. Switching you to our energy supplier is for your benefit. There is no financial gain to us by having you on a higher energy supplier rate, as we pass on all of our services at cost.

How does this affect you? The money you pay for your energy bills is an estimated allowance. By changing your supplier, you will be able to use the exact same amount of Gas and Electricity as before, at a cheaper rate. This means you can be guilt-free for spending that extra time in the shower or cranking up the heating when it gets cold. Come the end of your contract, if you have underused on your energy allowance, you will be refunded the remaining amount - split equally between housemates.* With the world opening-up again, who wouldn’t want the chance to have extra spending money for the pubs and restaurants!

*Does not apply for Unlimited Package customers

Received a bill in the post from the previous energy supplier?

If you receive a bill please send it over immediately to our email:

You are liable for your bills from the start of your tenancy and even when not living in the property there are standing charges from energy suppliers. The amount of the standing charge differs between energy companies. Our energy supplier’s standing charge is 47.25p per day, whilst other energy companies can charge up to £1.20 per day! If you started a 12 month contract with us after your tenancy started, we will pay these bills for you and add them to your payment plan throughout the year. If you started a 9 -11 month contract with us after your tenancy has started, you will be expected to pay these bills. Please note that if you do not pay these outstanding bills, we will be unable to switch you to our cheaper energy supplier, saving you money throughout the year. If this scenario does arise, we will be in contact to help you through the process. However, if after 30 days and numerous communications, these bills are still not paid, we will be unable to switch you to our energy supplier and will be forced to stop supplying your energy. 

Unfortunately, in some cases suppliers will send bills directly to your address instead of our address. In order for us to be able to process actions required we need to have the bill sent to us.

If you receive a bill please send it over immediately to our email:

You simply need to take photos of each side and every piece of paper. The picture needs to be clear and focused as we need to be able to see even the tiniest detail. Alternatively, if you have a printer, you could always scan the bill which avoids any shadows.

If you get sent a bill that is urging you to pay anything immediately, similar to all bills, you need to send them to us. Please do not pay a bill otherwise we will not be able to refund you. Do not contact any previous supplier and do not set an account under your name or provide another energy supplier with your details. As we manage your bills on your behalf, we need to be the only people contacting them to avoid any miscommunication and cause delays to providers which ultimately costs you money.

Example of a good bill 

Photo is clear, focused and does not cut off any information

Example of bad bills

Photos are either unfocused or have key information cut off.