Credit Crunch? split your bills, do not ruin your credit rating!

During our grand tour, we’ve been getting an insight into some of the credit rating horror stories that arose from people not paying their bills on time.

Jason, 21, Put his name down for all the bills in his house

Firstly, we met Jason, a final year Economics student from Exeter University. Poor old Jason had no idea what he was letting himself in for when he reluctantly took the hit and said he would pay the bills directly from his bank account, with his other housemates sending him money on a monthly basis. Something he claims “ruined his life”.


Fast forward 8 months, and boy did Jason regret stepping up to the plate. Internal differences, bad money management and general grumpiness were rife in the house. The rest of the housemates regularly spent their bills money, and many decided to boycott the bill paying process altogether.

 ‘Jason’s credit rating was in tatters’

Paying The Price

With everyone sacking off their bills, Jason was dealt with the task of paying for every single one of his housemates. However, he simply didn’t have the means to do so. Angry letters from the utilities companies became ever more frequent, and, unable to pay, he ignored the letters for the last 4 months of his tenancy.

The bank then called Jason personally once he had moved house. They informed Jason that due to constantly ignoring his bills, and failing to pay any of them for over half a year, his credit rating was “in tatters and he could say goodbye to any dreams of buying a house in the future.”


Jason’s life was in disarray, he says that after all, “my only dream in life was to buy a bungalow in Bognor Regis, near the sea.”

Jason had to say bye bye to his bungalow, all because he arranged the bills for his housemates.

At The Bunch, we split the bills equally in your home, so no one ends up in Jason’s situation. Our Customer Support team is constantly on hand to make sure everyone is paying on time, and is available for any advice you may need on bill sharing. By Jason’s own admission, “life would be very different if we had gone with The Bunch”.