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Bills management

We can manage the bills across your entire property portfolio. This means you can take control of all the bills in exchange for a small fee. You’ll have access to all the details through your agent portal.

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Round the clock support

You will be provided with a dedicated account manager to look after your entire portfolio’s bills.

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Managed through portal

Upload meter reads, access usage updates and track installations for your properties - all through your portal.

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Flexible payments

Pay one consolidated bill for your whole portfolio or pay for each individual property’s bills.

Agent portal

This is where you will upload your portfolio. The portal provides a clear breakdown of the properties which The Bunch is supplying and the services being used.

The platform is simple to use, with the ability for you to upload meter reads, access energy usage updates or track installations at the click of a button.

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Refer your tenants

Once your tenants have signed up to a house, send them our way to sort their household bills to earn your commission. We offer one monthly payment for all utility bills, including Gas, Electricity, Water, Wi-Fi and TV Licence. Each housemate is only responsible for their share and we handle the relationships with the utility companies, so they don’t have to. Plus, you’re not liable for the bills, your tenants are.

The referral process

Our straightforward referral process is adaptable to how you operate as a business.

Choose from the following options:

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1. Video Introduction

We create a bespoke video which congratulates tenants on securing their property with you, introduces them to The Bunch and guides them through the sign-up process. You share the video with your tenants once they have signed and resultant sign-ups will be tracked back to you, simple as that.

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2. A custom link

We provide you with a custom URL for our website which directly attributes sign-ups to you. You can simply copy and paste this link anywhere within your website, emails, or app.

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3. Embed within your website

For a seamless user experience within your service, you can directly embed your bespoke video or our quoting tool onto your website, similar to how you might embed a YouTube video. We can adapt this to fit your branding for full consistency.

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Why work with us?

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Great service

Let our TrustPilot do the talking! We work hard to provide our customers with a stellar service which will put you in the good books of your tenants by association.

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We’ve put the tech in place to make our working relationship run as smoothly as possible; from our ease of referral to the agent portal.

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On the pulse

Founded by students and with a team made up of many recent graduates, we know what makes the student and young professional markets tick. That means we know how to provide tenants with the service they want.

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Energy at cost

We pass on all our utilities at cost, and charge a small fee to cover tenants’ individual liability. This means we have no incentive for energy overuse as we’re not making money from it.

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Green commitment

As a commitment to our customers and the planet, we pass on 100% green energy and have pledged to plant five trees for every house that signs up to use our service.