Ideal part-time jobs for students

March 4, 2022

As a student it can be hard finding the right part-time job that you can balance alongside your studies. That's why we’ve curated a list with some of the best jobs for busy students to take on when you want to earn an income without sacrificing all of your free time.

1. Brand Ambassador

As the world transitions into the digital age of social media and online marketing, many businesses are struggling to keep up so they look to find new ways to draw in fresh audiences. For businesses a brand ambassador can be a great way to grow their audience and it also happens to be the perfect role for a student since university is a place full of potential customers for many of these companies. As an added perk you usually pick your own hours and can earn a range of discounts working for brands you love!

2. Social Media Manager

As a university student it’s likely you are already on social media, some more than others, but if you are someone who likes to stay updated on social trends and often checks their notifications, the role of Social Media Manager might be perfect for you! Many companies, big and small, are seeking young people to manage their social media accounts since most of the older generation just don’t quite have a grasp on it yet. The best part is for many of these roles you don't need a CV full of experiences or references, all you need is experience running your own social media!

3. Dog Walker

If you’re an animal lover you should consider pet sitting or being a dog walker! Many people have dogs and other pets that they can’t be with during the working day. These furry companions need human attention during the day so there will always be work - plus these jobs tend to pay very well… As a dog walker you get the added bonus of good exercise and socialisation making it the ideal way to take your mind off the stresses of university life.

4. Tutor

By your second or third year at university you should have enough of an understanding of your course to be able to hand on some of this knowledge. You can use knowledge for financial gain by being a tutor! As a tutor you have the power of picking your hours as well as being able to teach something you're passionate about. It can also be a great way to develop your soft skills and looks very impressive on a CV.

5. Deliveroo Driver

Finally, we have Deliveroo and other rider/delivery services. Deliveroo is as easy as pie, you simply download an app to sign up, finish a test to prove you're safe on the road and you're off to deliver your first meal. With no long application process, hours that you pick, flexibility to work anywhere and little-to-no qualifications needed, it's obvious why this is a go-to for students looking for some extra spending money.