Energy Saving Tips In Your Student Home

March 11, 2021

When you move into your own house for the first time as a student, there is no longer a parent around to turn the lights off after you, deal with the thermostat or put power setting controls on your TV. It’s all down to you! Therefore, it is important for you to really understand how your energy consumption affects your usage levels – and ultimately, your bill.

These are just a few tips which could help you to ensure that you stay within your energy allowances and improve your awareness of what is required to be energy efficient. Not living efficiently costs students valuable money – and frankly, it’s not that difficult to adapt. Get your housemates on board and make some changes today to save your precious cash and help the environment in doing so!

Unplug all devices from the socket when they’re not being used. It is estimated that most people use 5% of their electricity this way.

Keep your laptop on sleep mode. You would be surprised as to how much power is used when it’s left continuously on charge.

Turn your thermostat down by 1 degree. You won’t feel much difference and it can save you up to £60 per year.

Keep your heating on a lower heat full-time as this can be more efficient than switching it on and off constantly.

Bulk cook your meals. Not only is it super convenient to have meals prepared, it can also save you a significant amount of money and energy. The cooker is one of the least energy efficient household appliances so have it on as little as possible!

Wash your clothes at 30 degrees. 90% of washing machines’ power is spent heating the water. So washing your clothes at 30 degrees (you will not even notice the difference) will make a substantial saving on energy costs.

Let the sunshine in to naturally brighten your house! It’s far nicer than artificial light anyway…