Christmas Sandwich Tasting 2020

March 11, 2021

The battle of the Christmas sandwiches: exclusive ratings from The Bunch Team

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! There are many things to be happy about this December, lights, presents, boozy Christmas drinks, but most importantly… Christmas sandwiches! The Christmas sandwich market is more competitive than ever with a lot of choices, even for those who are veggie and vegan. Here at the Bunch we care very much about helping you guys out, so we got our Christmas sandwich experts in the office to try out a fair few sandwiches so that you know which ones are on the nice list and which are on the not so nice list. Keep reading to get the Christmas sandwich ratings as given to you by our experts; Harry, Elliott, Caz and Ollie.

The Co-op boxing day lunch sandwich

White bread, turkey, ham, winter slaw, spiced chutney - £3

Harry: 6/10 ‘Coleslaw’
Elliott: 5/10 ‘Mayo for Christmas’
Caz: 2/10 ‘Too much mayo’
Ollie: 6/10 ‘Coleslaw not a vibe’

The Sainsburys vegan christmas in NY style sandwich

Vegan cheese, pickled red cabbage, spiced fruit chutney, gherkins, mustard and vegan dressing on rye bread - £2.25

Harry: 2/10 ‘Grim, it’s grim’
Elliott: 4/10 ‘Bad vegan cheese’
Caz: 1/10 ‘Horrible’
Ollie: 2/10 ‘Dodgy cheese’

The Sainsburys turkey and pigs under blankets sandwich

Cumberland sausages, turkey, bacon, cranberry chutney and mayo on malted bread - £2.40

Harry: 6/10 ‘Lacking content’
Elliott: 5/10 ‘Sausage is nice’
Caz: 6/10 ‘Yummy, but wouldn’t buy for myself’
Ollie: 4/10 ‘Sausagey wonderness, soggy bacon’

Sandwich Sandwich vegan Christmas sandwich

Broccoli, cashew nut slaw, cranberry, stuffing mayo and vegan sausage - £4.95

Harry: 8/10 ‘The nuttiest one’
Elliott: 6/10 ‘Yummy’
Caz: 8/10 ‘Nuts’
Ollie: 7/10 ‘Flavour of the east make this one a beast’

Tesco’s turkey trimmings wrap

Turkey, mayo, stuffing, spinach and smoked bacon in a white tortilla wrap - £2.75

Harry: 1/10 ‘Very bland’
Elliott: 5/10 ‘Not bad, not bad’
Caz: 2/10 ‘BLAND’
Ollie: 6.5/10 ‘Visually unattractive and creamy, but too creamy for crimbo’

Tesco’s pigs under blankets sub roll

Pork sausage, mayo, bacon, stuffing and
cranberry sauce in a white roll - £2.50

Harry: 3/10 ‘Just a budget subway’
Elliott: 5/10 ‘Savage hoon sausage’
Caz: 6/10 ‘Boo, but good sausage’
Ollie: 5/10 ‘Sausage good, rest bad’

Sandwich sandwich Christmas sandwich

Turkey, thick cut bacon, sausage stuffing, cranberry sauce and mayo - £4.95

Harry: 9/10 ‘Silly business’
Elliott: 10/10 ‘They’ve done it again’
Caz: 100/10 ‘Amazing’
Ollie: 10/10 ‘Christmas has come early’

So there you have it, ratings from the top Christmas sandwich tasters in all of Bristol! Coming out on top was the monster of a Christmas sandwich from Sandwich Sandwich, showing us that it is always better to shop local and support local businesses. If you are a Bristol local, Sandwich Sandwich have four locations around the city and we recommend paying them a visit, and if not hopefully this will encourage you to go to your local sandwich shop and try their Christmas sandwich!