6 summer destinations under £60

April 14, 2022

Spring is the time of the year when we’re all working on our summer bods in preparation for the good weather ahead (fingers crossed). A major difference this year, however: with lockdown easing up there's an influx of travellers and flights are being booked up at astounding speeds. One way to make sure you secure yourself some foreign sunshine this summer is to book your flights way in advance, often making them cheaper too! This month we’ve made a list of cheap return flights (all under £60) to a handful of desirable destinations for this summer.

Amsterdam - £57

Known as a place full of amazing historical architecture as well as the perfect spot for the lads to have a sesh, Amsterdam has a range of activities for anyone to enjoy. We’ve managed to find return flights to Amsterdam this summer for £57, if you don't want to miss out head down to the easyJet website or try Skyscanner to see if there are any even cheaper alternatives.

Barcelona - £48

Barcelona is a fantastic travel destination. It has everything you’d need for a getaway, from amazing architecture and atmosphere to delicious spanish cuisine and the seaside. Also for those interested in a trip with the squad, Barcelona has legalised cannabis clubs which are usually cheaper than the ones you’ll find in Amsterdam, so if you want an experimental trip with a different, more scenic view, Barcelona is the city for you

Basel - £52

Basel is another great destination especially for those looking for the aesthetically pleasing. Basel has an amazing range of Art museums worth visiting, as well as having distinctive architectural beauty in how the city is built. Make sure you don’t miss Basel’s theatres, which are said to be the best in the country.There’s even an incredible Zoo for animal enthusiasts!

Paris - £53

For anyone looking for a joint vacation with someone special, this might be the spot for you! Paris is widely known for its romance and regarded as one of the most romantic cities in the world, as well as one of the most visited cities across the globe. So if you’re looking to give your partner a surprise or even reignite the spark in your uni lovelife, here is the perfect place to go.

Milan - £52

Milan is a vibrant centre of fashion, art and cuisine as well as the wealthiest city in Italy, so it’s perfect for someone visiting who wants to immerse themselves in the culture. Milan is home to the biggest names in the fashion industry – Valentino, Versace, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani and Missoni (to name just a few), as well as a new pool of talented emerging brands such as La DoubleJ. It’s a hotspot for aspiring models and designers making it great for anyone interested in pursuing a career in fashion or who fancies themself a bit of an influencer.

Ibiza - £50

One of the best places to go for summer parties and raves is Ibiza, but what some people don’t know is that Ibiza is also known for romantic views, fascinating beaches, fun hippie markets and amazing weather. You’ll be surprised to know that this summer you can secure return flights to Ibiza for around £50, so don’t miss out, book your tickets ASAP to make sure you secure the best price for a trip to the White Isle!