Bills Horror Stories – TV Licenses are not just empty threats!

Like it or not, there are only a few things certain in life: death, taxes and having to pay your TV license. Even though the amount of us watching live TV is going down, whilst streaming online has gone up, we are still liable under the TV licensing laws!

In a law introduced last summer, now even watching catch up TV warrants you having a TV license. The repercussions of not bothering can be grave, with fines of £1000 being issued plentifully and regularly. Indeed, on average there are a whopping 180,000 prosecutions each year as well as dozens of people ending up in jail for not paying their grand fines! Unfortunately, this isn’t a joke and it’s affecting everyone – young or old!

Horror Stories:

Ryan, a good friend of The Bunch team, recently had to cough up the £1000. Having received multiple warning letters, he still believed “they would never actually fine anyone, and even if they did it would never be me!” How wrong Ryan was. One day the TV license patrol came to inspect his house and caught him red handed. He now wishes he’d taken it seriously.

Poor old Jim Mclaughlin, 69, claims he has “had a letter from the body every year since 1972”. It is true Jim hasn’t ever purchased a TV license, but this is because he’s never had a TV! These guys are really relentless and leave no stone unturned. Jim said: “One of my daughters has a PhD, the other has a degree and my son works in a leisure centre, so not having a TV didn’t do them any harm.”

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