Bills Horror Stories – “The Bunch could have saved my relationship!”

After hearing Jason’s disaster with his bills last time, we caught up with Sophie. A sports management student from Leeds Beckett, Sophie also wishes she had gone with The Bunch.

Sophie, 24 was hit with £2000 of water bills! 

First problem: Nobody had any money to front the bill. Sophie said, “It was well after our student loans came in, and we’d completely forgotten about our water. No one had mentioned it to us and in the end I had to ask my Mum for a loan!”

Second problem: Everyone turned on Sophie because they blamed the dent in their bank accounts on the long, hot baths that Sophie insisted on taking bi-daily. “Even my own boyfriend pointed the finger at me, it was absolutely horrible” she explained.

After multiple arguments it all finally concluded with Sophie ending things with Piers. He subsequently left the house and moved in with some of the boys. Already angry at the situation, Piers downright refused to pay any future bills once he was out of the house. This led Sophie to front all of her ex-boyfriend’s utilities payments, as she was the lead tenant.

Sophie went on to say, “If only we had been able to use The Bunch, I would never have had to cover my ex-boyfriend’s water bills and he wouldn’t have been able to make my second year at university a living hell! In fact, I think The Bunch could have saved my relationship.”

And she’s right you know! Firstly, we take our payments in line with student loans. So unexpected bills aren’t going to hit you at times when you least expect them. Secondly, we split the liability between your housemates. So one person won’t be able to duck out of their bills duties and leave the payments to someone else. And finally, we keep an eye on your usage – if it’s too high, you’ll know about it!

Don’t take the risk of managing everyone else’s bills, let The Bunch do it for you.