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Our Story

The Bunch was set up by recent graduates who were fed up of being taken advantage of by utility companies. The company was founded as Easy Student Living in Leeds in 2016 taking on its first customers in May 2017. Since then the company has expanded, with over 10,000 customers onboard for 2021/2022. The company rebranded in May 2019 to become The Bunch in order to stay in touch with the long term goals of the company – being able to provide a service for ANYONE living in shared accommodation.

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Now four years on, and thousands of customers later, The Bunch is helping young people around the country manage their household bills whilst simultaneously increasing revenue and reducing admin for agents and landlords so they can focus on running their businesses.

There can be a lot of stresses surrounding university / graduate life, but sorting utilities shouldn't be one of them. That’s why The Bunch has simplified the process by creating a one-stop shop for all household bills.

The Bunch’s mission is simple - to simplify the struggles of shared living

Meet the Board and Advisors

Founder Elliott leads by example. In his day-to-day, he thrives on his ability to innovate and design new products and strategies to improve customer experience at The Bunch. Outside of work, he’s a Drum & Bass DJ.

Elliott Herrod-Taylor

CEO & Founder

Will is driven by the progression of the team and wider business. As a co-founder, he loves seeing the development and thriving of his colleagues beyond the conception of The Bunch. Aside from this, sports fanatic Will is on the golf course, football pitch or watching his beloved Man United.

Will Stewart

Co-founder & Director

David has over 20 years of experience with Startups and scale-ups, including IPO's, exits, and some failures. Also involved with E-Fundamentals, Brabham Global, Pario Ventures. Outside of day to day, he is massively into Motorsport and spending as much time as he can with family.

David Murray-Hundley


Clive is a senior technology leader, having worked on major digital development and transformation programmes for over 20 years with a series of high-profile media, telco and Fintech organisations, including Sky, EE and GoCompare. Clive is also an author and editor, with 5 fiction titles published to-date.

Clive Gilson

Non-Exec Director

Amjad first became a landlord as a teenager and has been on the Main Boards of two of the UK’s largest rental property providers. He helps us with understanding the perspectives of landlords and large corporates whilst obsessing about growth. He plays all sports badly but with bags of enthusiasm.

Amjad Hussain


Rebecca has now been working with SMEs for over 15 years across a wide range of industries. She constantly strives to provide a wide range of high quality services and has a great appreciation of the need for flexibility, speed and cost effectiveness to allow SME’s to thrive and grow.

Rebecca Curnock


Having been involved with a number of startups, and part of Ovo Energy's founding team, Tom is an operational leader who has been through the journey of start-up to market-leading scale up. Outside of work, Tom is an avid MTBer, and general lover of the outdoors.

Tom Griffin


A success list of ventures and exits as long as your arm. Kevin has interests in startups right up to interests in the fluids used for the SpaceX Starlink project. Kevin is a keen cyclist and wine connoisseur.

Kevin Doyle


Meet the Team

Alice is never short of a joke - or an opinion! When she’s not obsessing over creative and digging into our customer pain points, Alice can be found running laps around Bristol’s harbourside with her favourite tunes blasting.

Alice Bradshaw-Smith

Head of Marketing

Creative maestro Archie has an eye for detail and a real passion for nurturing partnerships with like-minded brands. Aside from his love for great content, Archie runs a dance music record label, nauses over televised sport and savages his Deliveroo account.

Archie Lynas

Brand Manager

Caz aces all things operations. When she’s not handling meter reads and payment queries, you will find her chillaxing with her mates - though she has a special sweet spot saved for her lovely colleagues at The Bunch!

Caroline Cape

Operations Administrator

Operations Manager Caro is the brains behind the processes to make The Bunch machine run smoothly. When she’s not obsessing over bills, she’s headed straight for the coast; scuba diving, paddleboarding - or hiking and cycling when closer to home in Bristol

Caroline Mercier

Operations Manager

Mastermind Claudiu Bejan is our Junior Software Engineer, with a knack for solving technical problems and a love for coding. Outside of work he's always staying fit and in shape with regular exercise, running or working out. Whenever he isn't training his body he's training his mind by owning people at chess!

Claudiu Bejan

Junior Software Engineer

Tech wizard Crispin is the king of creating order out of chaos. Having assisted The Bunch since inception, he holds the knowledge to unlock and facilitate the many ideas that erupt from the wider team. Aside to this, Crispin loves music; be it listening at home or going to gigs.

Crispin Herrod-Taylor

Chief Technical Officer

Ella is our esteemed Sales Executive and Account Manager who’s been lighting up the office with positivity since July! Ella enjoys the team atmosphere and she's passionate about building long lasting customer relationships in her role. Outside of work she's nocturnal and likes to immerse herself in the clubbing and festival scenes.

Ella Tucker

Sales Executive / Account Manager

Harriet is a fantastic support to our Operations team, and always has a smile on her face! Outside of work, she is proud to have perfected the optimum balance of frequenting the pub and sleeping - an impressive skill.

Harriet Howard

Operations Administrator

Sales guru Harry has been with The Bunch since the start - no wonder he’s passionate about speaking with and guiding people through difficult bills situations everyday. Outside of work, Harry is found enjoying live music and festivals, or settling down for a full day’s cricket!

Harry Davies

Sales Executive

Keiran loves being creative, in the workplace and out and about. On our team Keiran is the man behind the socials but outside of work he is a budding artist who loves to perform his Rap music on stage and edit amazing music videos.

Keiran Gournet-Moore

Junior Marketing Executive

Michael is our Customer Interactions Executive. He loves working with colleagues in a team and enjoys interacting with different customers to see how he can help them and improve their experiences. After 5 years in Bristol Michael still loves exploring, eating out at different spots and experiencing the city's live music scene!

Michael Cross

Customer Interactions Executive

Campervan adventurer Ollie loves striking up a conversation with our prospective customers and finding them a great deal. Beyond this, Ollie loves his live music; from open mic nights to big room raves he will be there! Current passion: Latin American music. Hola!

Ollie Canning

Sales Executive

Patrick loves working with the sales team to ensure all remain focused, drive sales and be the best in the business. Outside of work he is a keen artist, specialising in Formula 1, Aircraft, Trains and Motorbikes, and sells his impressive wares worldwide!

Patrick Ball

Sales Manager

Shannon works hard at The Bunch to ensure our finances are kept in perfect nick. Aside from her love of our office environment, Shannon is the adoring owner of her beloved Pomeranian doggie Alfie, and is most often seen proudly walking him around!

Shannon Barrett

Financial Controller

Rugby fanatic Thomas is super passionate about helping our customers enjoy their lives without the stress of bills. Outside of work, he’s geeking over films and history and relishing the odd cruise and trip to the Cornish beach!

Thomas Spencer

Customer Interactions Manager

Four team members posing

Wish to join the team?

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