5 Ways To Earn Extra Money As a Student

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If there’s one thing that seems to be on the mind of every university student no matter the age or course, it’s money. Between all the pub sessions, the study material, the bills, and the nights out, university tends to run you dry and leave you with little time or flexibility to start working a job. But worry not, The Bunch blogs have come to your rescue. Whether you blew your whole loan partying or you just want to earn some extra cash for the holidays, we have listed 5 great ways for you to make some money on the side, without any qualifications or former experience needed! 5 Ways to Earn Extra Money as a Student!

1. Stuvia & Nexus Notes

What does everyone who goes to university have? Class notes, textbook summaries, study guides and other useful information stored in documents. Most of these notes and resources will only be used once and then thrown away never to be seen again… now you have a reason to keep them. With websites like Stuvia, you can both save time on studying and make money using the research and studying you’ve already done. The site allows you to set up an account for free in minutes, no extra fees, from there you can upload and make money off sharing your study notes and summaries with other students. On Stuvia you can sell notes ranging from GCSE right through to Masters level degrees. It’s a great and effortless way to make some extra money from the work you’re already doing and ideal for any students looking for ways to earn.

2. Quora

Quora is one of the newer sites people are using to earn money online. It is a social question-and-answer website where anyone can ask questions and anyone can give responses. It allows you to make money when posting questions on the platform. You can earn money based on the number of page hits for Quora – the more hits you get  – the more money you make. So, by asking pertinent questions that everyone wants to know the answer to, you can earn money! Quora’s top writers earn over $1000 a month just by asking questions so why wait? The platform’s huge clientbase is also a great resource for growing businesses to acquire new customers, or even fans. One great way to monetise this with no experience is through affiliate marketing – by advertising other services and products many companies will allow you to earn commission on each and every sale through customers you have referred.

3. AirBnB

Many people know AirBnB for it’s cheap and easy holiday rentals but many neglect to consider it as the helpful money making tool it really is. From renting to tours, it’s actually a great resource to earn some extra money which shouldn’t be underestimated. Aside from renting out your house / apartment, signing up as a tour guide is another way you can make money through AirBnB. First you need to go on AirBnB and make your own page. On your page you need to state the area where you are living, the attractions nearby that you are familiar with and any additional perks you choose to offer which could set you above competition (eg. travel, food, souvenirs or exclusives). After this you can name your own price and start making money from touring your own city! YouTuber “Jashandeep” says he charges £100 per person for a 3 hour tour and has used this (in addition to some of the other sites on our list) to completely pay off his student loans at the age of 20!

4. TikTok

There’s an obvious change happening in the social media world right now. Whilst Mark Zuckerberg is clutching at augmented reality straws for Facebook and scrambling to add new features to Instagram, it’s obvious that they’re trying struggling to keep up. TikTok is huge – it’s the fastest growing social media platform with over 1 billion users worldwide and 500 million monthly active users, after only four years! Considering it’s massive user base, it goes without saying that TikTok has a lot of potential for advertising and earning, but one way it stands out above other social media platforms is it actually pays its creators when their content does really well (like Youtube or Quora). 

There’s several different ways to make money through TikTok that take no experience. But, hands down the easiest and best way is by growing a channel and utilising it to make sponsored content, whilst you push your affiliate links to earn commission off your fans’ purchases. Currently the TikTok algorithm is extremely generous and it’s the best time to grow an account. YouTube is also full of tutorials and breakdowns of exactly how to master the algorithm to grow your account and go viral. One great example is the “TikTok Guru”; Robert Benjamin. By using these breakdowns and growing your account to 20k followers (achievable in under a month) you then open the door to the opportunity of making sponsored videos for money. Many brands will pay good money for just a 15-30 second video of their product in front of a big following. If you do this whilst also spreading your affiliate links, it can be extremely profitable.

5. Fiverr 

It’s very surprising how many people only see one side of Fiverr. It can be a great platform for outsourcing graphic design, art, writing and many other creative assets but is also an amazing platform for showcasing and making money offering those same skills. From writing and annotating, to voiceovers and translations, there’s something for everyone to do regardless of their experience. If you’re someone creative who (for example) likes to make music, you can actually advertise your music on Fiverr and charge people a fee for a feature from you. On the contrary, if you’re someone who isn’t very creative but maybe is very articulate, you could sign up to do voice overs for other peoples videos or animations. You can even offer to be a social media manager for influencers! Any skills you have and any needs others might have are all things you can earn money off of using Fiverr so why wait? You can pick your hours and return time, you choose your own prices and can charge for any extra perks you choose to add (copyright, 24hr return, different formats). Fiverr is an amazing opportunity for freelancers and people letting their talents go to waste – so go make an account now and make money using your skills.

With all these different platforms available there’s no excuse for you to not be earning money from home using the skills you already have, so go sign up to all of these and start flexing as the richest student about, without even having to work a job! The rest is up to you…

 *This is not a paid sponsor, we just genuinely wanted to provide useful information and help for struggling students.

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